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defender locking wheel nuts

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please could anyone help me :rolleyes: i have lost my locking wheel nut key for my 300tdi defender and cant try any keys at main dealers as they are not stocked anymore.

is there any way to tell what key i have as there are no no's or letters on the wheel nuts them selves.

is there anyway that i could do the measuring and cross ref this to a chart???

i have uploaded a pic of the wheel nut, hope this helps.

cheers gavin


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Found codes A through to J inclusive in the micocat parts info, but it doesn't show[for obvious reasons] the actual pattern of the grooves for the fit/remove tool.

the part numbers run [all STC prefix]

a - 3410

B - 3411

C - 3412

D - 3413

E - 3414

F - 3415

G - 3416

H - 3417

I - 3418

J - 3419

can't find any list/diagrams in the RAVE manuals either.

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i must be the luckiest man about, just been out to it and found one of my old sockets. gave it a good hammering on and managed to undo all 4 of the wee beastes!!! never happens that easy for me, thought i was going to have to machine a new tool to do the job without knackering my alloys but all is calm again now, thanks again for your info.

cheers gavintongue.gif

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we`ve removed two sets of locking nuts this week , in the garage , I won`t go into the details but they aren`t hard to remove really. Different methods and tools required for each type ;) . Some loose the nut while most are where the locking nut breaks due to it being overtightened in the first place

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