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I would say definitely a twin axle van is more stable than a single.

Twins, are less likely to "thrash" about in a side wind or when you are passing or being passed by HGV's.

As with all caravans loading and weight distribution are the key. I have a 26ft twin, it took a few experiments to find the ideal nose weight, and where to place stuff in the van itself. It is well worth investing some time and a few test runs to find out what you feel is the best way to load.

FYI: Caravan weight 1.9t (loaded) nose weight (pressure on the towing ball) 120kgs.

Nothing except for clothing behind the 2nd axle, heavy kit like awning etc directly over the axle's.

Everything else in front of the 1st axle and keep the weight low down.

Bikes on the roof rack and rear bike rack fitted to the Disco.

My D2 pulls it very well indeed, if you have SLS (air suspension) on the rear, D2's are almost the perfect towing machine. With the exception of my fathers TDV8 Rangie :D which I reckon is the perfect towing machine..

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I use a TD5 auto for pulling a 26ft twin axle. No issues really, but although it pulls well, I get sick of revs - I think a manual might be better. That said, if you select 3rd, so that the torque converter can lock up at about 45, it stays locked right down to about 30 ish.

If you can't go fast enough to get the torque converter locked, although it pulls no problem, it certainly gets thirsty !. Motorways at at steady 60 are no issue though, returning "reasonable" economy.

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I used to pull a hobby 635 twin axle with my td5 discovery that is a manual and was great apart from when something big overtook at speed and if you are not prepared used to frighten the carp out of yousmile.gif

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