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TD5 won't start

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Hi there. Today my car let me in my legs. After 6 hours trying to find the failure (it kept blowing the main relay fuse), we found there is a brown and green cable coming from main relay to the main relay fuse, and from there to a little rectangular blue boxattached to black loom of the ECU. This cable is fried by overheating, clearly a short circuit, so tomorrow we are going to open the wiring install to track the short circuit and have the car on the road again.

However, it came to my mind..... what the hell can I do if this happens to me in the middle of nowhere? how can I get rid of this problem? what if this relay fails in the dessert? I'm supposed to make a new home there? what kind of emergency procedure or bypass can I do in case of this? I'm really concerned on this....

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The "little rectangular blue box attached to black loom of the ECU" that you refer to is I suspect the header - K109 where a number of wires are connected together.

These can be a pain in the backside as there are a mixture of live, switched live, earth and other wires that are connected together in groups within the header, that is to say, all the black wires are connected together, all the brown/green wires are connected together and so on, the important thing is that these "colour groups" are electrically separate from each other and this is when the problem occurs.

It's possible that a leakage path may occur between different connections within the header and develop into a dead short. The best solution here is to simply remove the header, just cut off all the wires of one colour group at a time and join them together externally, preferably by soldering and covering with suitable insulation.


Of course, I could be barking up the wrong tree here, but to be honest, it's worth doing anyway, especially if there's any likelihood of getting water in the seat box, the sealing is almost non-existent.

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".. There isn't nccesary to solder different colour cables? .. "

Cables of the same colour are connected together, but the groups of cables of different colours are separate from each other, like in the photo.

If you take the blue connector apart you will find it connects the cables as I've described - not all together.

Edit; You might want to disconnect the battery before doing this too, you don't want any more burnt wires :blink:

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It's now done. Besides the loom wiring issue, the car was in trouble with CKP sensor cable making earth with engine ancilliary. Thanks a lot for your helpful comments, Woody. Withouth them, my wiring kit most likely would be open right now...

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