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L series waterpump


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Hello loveys...

The alternator belt on the Camel freebie snapped on the way to work the other day. Snapidge was caused by a ever-so-slightly siezed tensioner :rolleyes:

Obviously I had no power steering, no alternator and no vacuum assist on the breaks, but the car carried on and got me to work without any major problems. However it did get warmer than usual on a couple of occassions.

The waterpump is obviously driven by some internal part of the engine rather than a drive belt... but what? Or is it electric? If it were electric I could understand things geting warm as it would probably drain the battery fairly quickly.

So... anybody have any theories as to why it would get warmer?


Dan :)

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the water pump is fitted behind and driven through the power steering pump which is driven by the auxilary belt so it just shows how much reserve you have before they overheat,my heater starts to warm just as i go through the gates at work ;)

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Often when driving at speed the air flow is enough to cool the rad sufficiently so that natural convection takes over and the coolant flows very slowly around the system with the hottest coolant always appearing at the top of the rad............. however, local hot spots occur which do all the damage.

I guess you were just lucky............

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