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D2 Front Diff change


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Hi all,

Found out what my "clunk" is. The front diff has properly given up, making a rattling and leaking oil and, I suspect, causing the sudden unbalance I now have.

Anyway, I'm skint so want to do this job as cheaply as possible. I can get a used front diff cheaply, so labour will be the largest part. I'm sure I am capable of doing it myself but I can't find any guides as to how. Even the Haynes manual doesn't cover it :ph34r:

I've done a search, but can't find anything on the forum so...does anyone have a link please?

Thanks, Martin

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Very easy - undo the calipers and move them out of the way. undo the (i think it's 4 from memory - maybe different) hub bolts and pull the hub assembly and cv/halfshaft out, job done. don't forget the track rod.


Magic, just what I hoped! Thanks Steve!

Second hand diff bought for £50, replace it myself, new oil, some black sealant and job should be a good'un. I'd rather do it myself as I think I may be doing quite a few of these :unsure:

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Second hand diff arrived in MINT condition, if the casing had been painted I'd have thought it was new! A bargain for £50 :)

The job went well, the only sticking point is the track rod end. The nut picked up on the way off :angry: Ended up grinding it off so I could put it in the vice and change the end...yeah, right!

Who'd have thought out of the whole job the thing that's stopping me driving it is a bloody track rod end :(

A mates taking it to a garage tomorrow, so hopefully it'll come back with a new end :rolleyes:

Anyway, happy I can change a front diff now, looking forward to the test drive tomorrow afternoon... Also looking forward to rebuilding my old diff as it doesn't look unrepairable. Bearings are gone and the planet gears, pin and carrier hare damaged, but apart from that :P

Thanks again Steve.

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The non-adjusting end of the track rod doesn't come out, it's pressed in and a new rod is required :blink:

Anyway, job done, test drive, and I'm over the moon! The truck is so smooth, no noises, no clunks, it's sweet!

The new diff is spot-on :D

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Well now you come to mention it... :P

Thanks Steve, I shall strip mine down and take some pics of the bits I need.

I've asked a couple of local 4x4 garages but they don't seem to know the part numbers or be able to get the parts <_<

It'll be new bearings and oil seal (I know I can get those locally), planet gears and pin. The carrier (the centre casting that the pin sits in) is ovalled where the pin sits. I was thinking of oversizing the hole and fitting a sleeve perhaps?

The ring and pinion are as new and the rest all looks good :)

If you have a parts list/price list available please feel free to send me it. It will be a few weeks before I can afford to overhaul the old diff, hopefully I won't need it before then!

Thanks, Martin

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