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SIII rear axle "U"bolts

Swifty oh no

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I have a SII74 lightweight and am changing the rear springs at the same time as fitting anew rear crossmember.

I have tried loads of imperial sockets on the rear axle "U" bolt nuts but cannot get anything I have to fit properly.

Can somebody tell me what size socket I need for this please?


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Yeah a grinder was an option but I like a challenge so loads of WD 40 over the pst week and a new 18mm socket, all off now although one of the legs of one of the U bolts did shear as soon as I put any pressure on the nut to undo it.

I will be replacing the U bolts and all of the shackle bolts etc.

Out of interest I am assuming all bolts etc are as a standard SIII, hope so that is what I have ordered? (not springs, I have used, v. good nick ones from a lightweight after someone changed to parrots rubbish.

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