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Ive got a Rangie classic & the speedo has stopped working. I checked the ends that go into the speedo head which seemed lose & the G/box end is tight as it should be so I need a bit of help. Am I right in thinking that the end that screws into the speedo head just screws in their is nothing else that should be their ? sad.gif

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try turning the inner cable at the speedo head end to see if its broken and engaged properly at the gearbox end. If it doesn't turn then this implies its engaged at the gearbox. The inner cable has a square profile at each end so need to be carefully inserted at both ends to make sure they engage properly

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What year/model?

It's not unheard of for the gearbox end drive gear to fail, they are only plastic and relatively easily replaced. If it is that, make sure you get th right one as there are different ratios, get it wrong and your speedo will read wrong.

Failing that.... Some EFi vehicle have either an electronic speedo, the cable only goes as far as a sender unit on the chassis, or earlier EFi has a 2 piece cable, with a sender unit. The sender is there to tell the ECU when the vehicle is moving. So if it's a 2 part cable, you could have a failure in either cable, or the sender.

Range Rovers, don't you just love their simplicity?!

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