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wing mirror replacement help :)

Guest noggy AKA Mortus

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Guest noggy

I was parked in meadowhell carpark lastnight, and after i had returned from a shopping trip with my girlfriend (i was forced :( ) my wing mirror has been smashed!!

Ive not had a proper look yet, but how do you change the glass?

pull the old pieces out and use fairy liquid to slip the new one in?

Advise and tips appreciated :)


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You can either remove the plastic seal all the way round the mirror head by more or less pealing the seal from around the head itself(there is a lip that holds the "seal" in place all the way round the mirror head) or you can undo the Allen headed bolt on the base of the head where it meets the arm that holds it on to the door hinge and replace the head complete-a new piece of glass is a couple of £'s then again if you can find a complete second hand head do it that way



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