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Core plug problem

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Hello everybody

I think I need some help from you all... The core plug at the back of my engine, precisely the big one on the block, has been leaking a little for three or four years now, just one or two drops on the garage floor from time to time. Now the leaking is becoming more consistent, and, even if the 90 is driveable, I'm scared to lose all the coolant on the road. :unsure:

Situation is becoming more serious since a trip from Italy to Yorkshire has been planned, starting on 12th July, so something has to be done!

So the question is: Is it possible to replace the core leaving the engine in situ? As all you know, space is very tight, but, perhaps there is someone out there which can give me a sound advice!

Thank a lot!


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I had a core plug fall out of a 90 turbo deisel, I am a boat builder and I use epoxy resin all the time, I made some epoxy paste and gobbed it in the hole, worked a treat, you need epoxy resin (not polyester), some chopped fibres and some colloidal silica, mix the resin then add some fibres then add the silica untill it has the consistancy of cream cheese, clean and dry the hole thoroughly, then gob it in. You need to be carefull as the epoxy goes soft when re heated and needs to be cured at gradually higher temperatures until it remains hard at 80 degrees. google fibreglass supplies for where to get the stuff, remember polyester is no good, hope this helps

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