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Confirmation of a few bush part numbers

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Hi All,

My new '05 TD5 110 has failed its test and I've a few small things to put right.

Could someone confirm some part numbers? I've yet to get RAVE working, so have been looking on lrseries etc.

Front radius arms - bushes x4 - from radius arm to axle.

Are they NTC6860?

The rear shocks are not original, think they are monroes ( I don't have the truck beside me at the moment)

I'm looking for lower bush that does below the axle bracket.

Is it RNF100090L?

Finally, There's some play in one of the wheel bearings. I've tightented wheel bearings on my 200tdi before, but does the TD5 have a different arrangement?

I seem to remember something about there now being one staked but instead of 2 nuts/locking tab. If so, can you revert to the old type?

Can anyone enlighten me before I pull the flange.

Many thanks!

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first you need Microcat for Parts not RAVE

Radius arm to axle bush = NTC6781

rear damper lower bush =

Is it RNF100090L ?
Yes :i-m_so_happy:

wheel bearing adjustment nut you can change to the earlier 2 nuts & lock washer system, as your 200TDi had fitted.

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