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New european tyre regulations


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Mentioned in TOR there appear to be regulations controlling new tyres on the cards. The eurocrats are talking about maximum noise levels amongs other things, the outcome would not be good for those who want mud tyres for road use.

Does anyone know any more about this?

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Heard something about it, i think thats one of the reasons BFG re-designed the mud terrains, to cut down road noise.

i think it was intended for manufacturers rather than something they'll pull you for.

i wouldn't worry too much, unless you run super swampers or something silly on the road!

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There are two different regulations that will have some (probably minor) effect on us. The first is the banning of some oils within the compound (or the manufacturing process) meaning that all tyres sold or imported into the EU will need a mark to show they are OK.

The second is the grading of the noise levels. From my little knowledge of it it would seem it's simply going to be a noise level code, kind of like the speed rating, but there's no limits being imposed as such.

A lot of the tyre manufacturers are geared up for it already although there are rumours that some US based manufacturing may be withdrawn from the EU. I spoke to the people on the Marix stand at Driffield and they said all their range would meet the new regs and they have tyres in most of the more aggressive patterns with a Simex lookalike etc...


Not heard anything on the grapevine about Simex but I'd assume that the EU market is a big enough share of their business for them to make any changes necessary to conform. It'll be the US manufacturers where the EU is a tiny part of their sales that may decide to withdraw some patterns/sizes.

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