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Hi All

As the decription says really.Can i fit a Td5 loom into my Tdi 90 bulkhead.

I'm after a new loom as mine is a little suspect and some of the stuff doesn't work.i mainly need it for the lights and dash instruments,as i only need oil pressure/temp and water temp but they're going to seperate gauges.I've got a V8 with carb so no electrics needed.

Just thought i could replace it with this one as i can get a new one for about £100.



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To make the job easier you could out a TD5 dash in, other than that (and needing somewhere to put the under seat fuse box) you'll need to make up a harness for the heater motor at both ends (connectors are different on a TD5). You'll need to buy a couple of wing harnesses and you'll either need to replace the chassis harness of graft the 300TDi connectors onto the TD5 loom.

The bulkhead on a TD5 is different, you may need to modify yours to get the loom through the bulkhead although you may be able to use the existing holes.

When I did mine I wanted to leave the TD5 loom available should I ever need/want to fit a TD5 in to replace the V8/LPG, if you took a more "damaging" approach and just hack away at the TD5 loom you can probably simplify things a bit. I bought a sacrificial TD5 engine loom and adapted that for the V8 so that everything just plugged in to the TD5 bulkhead loom.

It's a lot of work although in the long term I'd say the TD5 loom is a better loom than the 300TDi, it's great to be able to remove a wing without having to disconnect all the wires, for instance. If, however, you want to leave your dash as it is and don't fancy spending a few days tracing and linking through the circuits that the immobiliser/alarm and the TD5 ECU are expected to link up, you're probably best trying to get a 300TDi loom.

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I don't want to have to modify the bulkhead as it's just been painted.It is a Tdi loom in already but it's been spliced about a bit and i'm useless with wiring diagrams so i'm unsure what goes where.didn't want to have to go to Autospark as they're about £300 for a loom.Just thought a Td5 loom would fit without any need to cut the bulkhead about.

would this fit into a Rhd 90

ebay item 12057261156

could i just turn it round

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Can't find that item number ?

If you don't want to spend a lot of time with wiring diagrams and splicing looms together then the TD5 loom isn't an option.

A LHD 300 loom will kind of fit but, again, will need to be modified. The feeds to the wings (indicators especially) will need to be swapped around and I have a feeling the chassis loom connectors are on the same side on a LHD as they are on a RHD so if you simply turn the loom over you'll have to sort that out too which may not be an easy job. Perhaps someone with a LHD could confirm that either way.

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