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  1. Hopefully they didn't change the distance between the mounting bolts. I'm trying to sort a conversion on the front of my Yank and was also considering using a Jag caliper as they are also 3.5" between mountings. Would be better to use the Defender caliper though as it is the same size disc at 298mm(11.75"). I'll see if I can get hold of a knackered caliper just to check clearance
  2. Hi all Could somebody help me out and measure the distance between the mounting lugs on a Defender front caliper. Centre to centre. Cheers Ralph
  3. just to be picky,one is an Aerial(radio) and one is an Antenna(cb). an aerial recieves only whereas an antenna recieves and transmits.
  4. if you put the wrong caliper on the wrong side then the bleed nipple will be at the bottom instead of the top where it should be.
  5. just on another note.i'd change those rear trailing arms as there have been a few problems with there design.
  6. i used 70mm cable when i wired in my winches as i've got a good source for the cable and ring terminals.as for the cut off switch go for a heavy duty one like a "Durite" one. Make sure you connect in a good earth from your winch direct to your battery.
  7. did mine on the 110.being a disco conversion the only way i could do it was buy taking off the exhaust manifold.a bit of a faff but easy enough.
  8. have a look here,as this is how i did the pipes on my IC when i upgraded mine. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=71145&st=20 Look at reply No 22 which shows the pipes.
  9. what is it your piping up. i used these guys which were pretty cheap but good quality. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Auto-Performance-Silicone-Hoses/_i.html?_fsub=10
  10. i'd recommend "V8Developments" all the way. They supplied all the bits when i rebuilt a 3.9 for 90 soft top.Don't think you'll be spending anywhere near 2k unless your going with a lot of tuning. I rebuilt mine along with a re-hone/acid wash(£50-100) cylinder head acid wash new valve stem seals new rings new bearings one of there own cams with followers £150 new camchain I reckon if your doing a standard rebuild with a cam change your looking at around the £600 mark. No matter what your needs are for the engine Ray and Shaun really know there stuff and will help with anything you ne
  11. I thought you said you were fitting a huge intercooler.I squeezed an uprated RS500 cooler in between the front end of my 110.I just centralized the rad in the frame .easy job really.
  12. It'll cost him about £2000 to get it done over there and I didn't think it would be too much to change the bulkhead.my only concern was sourcing the parts.he said he'd rather pay me to convert it before it gets shipped over.I'm not fussed on the welding side of things plus I'd get it hot dipped before re-assembly.plus he's got another one which may need doing as well. I think he's made a bit of a business importing 110's.the price he's paid for mine he'll double easily when it sells over there. It could be a bit of a money maker as I spoke to him last night and I tried to convince him into f
  13. Greetings to all. I've been asked to convert my 110 to left hand drive as i've sold it to a guy in the states.Apart from the obvious steering box,axle knuckle,heater box. i've had the thought of just copying and cutting out the opposite footwell for brake/clutch/throttle and cutting out the other holes then just welding up the redundant holes. Unless the likes of "Ashtree" can sell me a LHD galvanised bulkhead. apart from dash parts which he has said he can get to me,are there any other obstacles which other people can think of. many thanks Ralph
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