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110 Fuel Tank woes

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I have a 1989 110, which was converted from a Turbo D to a V8 petrol / LPG

I think judging from the corrosion, it must have started life in a salt mine.

Anyway – when dismantling for welding the rear cross member the fuel tank started leaking, I bought another, but the corrosion on top of the tank is worse, both the sender for the gauge, and the pipe into the top have disintegrated.

My question is: Now it is petrol / V8 is there still a requirement for a return to the tank, where’s the best place to get the replacements for the sender, and what I assume might be the dip pipe which goes into the recess in the top of the tank. The flanged cover that fits in the recess in the top surface of the tank and has a pipe, (is this for the fuel return line and if so is it necessary with a V8? Are there simple blanks available (what is this called?)

This is the 14th (out of 15) Land-Rovers that I've bought, I have put new fuel tanks in 8 of them. Am I just unlucky? What should I do to increase their longevity ?


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My 90 V8 (3.9 EFi) has a fuel return, I seem to remember there is a fuel pressure control valve on the end of the fuel rail that is used to control the fuel pressure.

This valve releases in to the fuel return.

I know that 90 and 110 fuel tanks are different but my 3.9 EFi uses the fuel tank ESR2242 which has sender hole, fuel pump hole and return hole.

An EFi in tank fuel pump has been grafted on to what looks like the top part of the original in tank fuel pump.

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the v8 has always had a return for the fuel to get back to the tank whether it is carb or efi. With the carb models the pump is electric and continues to pump all the time, so when the carburetter float bowls are full the excess petrol goes back to the tank.

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