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300tdi Head skim Questions


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Hi All

I currently in the process of changing a haeadgasket on my 300 tdi, and the machine shop have just called to say the cylinder head is warped by 10 thou, and that they will have to skim it by 12 thou to make it flat.

Is this good or bad or what? Im not an expert on head skimming at all, and so wanted to double check before they go ahead and do anything.

Or will it be a case of replacement head time?

The more advice the better

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10-12 thou is within the average skim on just about any slightly warped cylinder head. With the 300TDi - the valve stand down is important, so clean the deposits off the valve face and check that inlet valves are between .81mm to 1.09mm, and the exhaust valves are between .86mm and 1.14mm below the gasket face of the head. A simple regrind will adjust them if it's necessary. This is assuming that the head hasn't been skimmed in the past of course, in which case a head saver shim will be a lot cheaper than a new head if too much in total will be taken off.


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