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High lift Jack


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Hi everone,

I have just purchased a high lift jack for my disco 2

Is it possible to mount this on the spare wheel on the back door?

Will this put to much stress on the rear door wheel mount?

If I cannot mount it here any other ideas where to mount it.



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These seem to be available for a D1:eBlag Hi-Lift mount There are seeral other designs available based on the same idea.

Personally I think there is already too much weight on my door hinges, so wouldn't put it there, but as you say there arn't many other places...


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my mates D1 has the high lift across the inside of the backdoor just below the window. means the jack stays clean when not in use & less able to get nicked while you go to the pub for lunch or similar.

they arent the easiest thing to store are they?

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i had it on the dog guard in my defender, good place to keep it but as it was a 110 hardtop you had to climb in whilst covered in mud to get at it... fitting it to a dog guard on a disco might not be so bad though...

like the idea of inside the rear door though....

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Hi-Lift make two types of mounting that would do for the inside of the rear door.

There's the 4XRAC which is the more secure and I've got one of these on the roofrack for my HiLift. Or there's the LOC-RAC which is smaller and stops the jack foot from rattling a bit. ;)

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