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Rear electric window problematic

peter deer

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Strange : the front electric windows work fine all the time

but the rear ones occasionally don't work (either from the centre control panel or from the door panel switch)

However,if ,i switch the front ones first on and off ,then the rear ones will work

what could the problem be ,you think?


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Brill! Thanks for that, I too have problems with the rear windows on my 1998 300; they work when they want to and sometimes fail open which is a nuisance. The vendor garage is looking for a replacement board [not sure I know which] under warranty.

I will post a new request about intermittent wiper behaviour too.

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iv had problem with my driverside rear door window turns out it was the switch on the center consol which is broken but when its not pluged in you cant open/close the windows from the rear switch :S

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