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Anti freeze

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Hi All

I'm soon going to be doing my first full service. I'm alright with all the other oils and lubricants but I'm not sure about the antifreeze. I have a 1995 defender 110 deisel.

Can anybody offer any advice on a good quality antifreeze and on the amount to use as I want to compeletely drain it and renew it all with new, ready for the winter.

Thanks :D

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Ralph, the last time I needed to replace any antifreeze-it was on my 90 I think, I looked at Halfords and even with my trade card it was going to be over £20 for one 5 litre plastic can-I then went to the local car parts place that deals with the motor trade and got the same amount for just over £10 it does pay to have a look elsewhere as we all know Halfords can be a bit of a rip off at times



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