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Born again disco owner wants winch etc


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Hi all,

Just bought a 300tdi on an M plate. The motor has a 3" lift and 33 inch tyres with arch cut outs, and is in average condition. Southdown steering guard, rear tank protection and snorkel.

I have a heavily modified 90, and want to be able to take the kids out with me as the 90 only has one extra seat.

I am looking to get a winch & bumper, rock sliders (like the tree sliders that Mill services do - have some for the side of my 90) a rear bumper and all this for less than a grand....

First Four off road seem to be the closest (not too far off) and they can supply the whole lot.

If anyone has any advice of the above (good or bad experiences) I would be pleased to learn from them.

Its nice to have a 'car' like experience whilst mud plugging, even if the radio does have two buttons missing (at least its got one).

Back in 94, I bought a new M plated disco and drove it for 65,000 miles, with little problems (dash peeling aside)... so its nice to be back again..


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Regarding winch and bumper. I have a Warn XD9000i in a "Paul Wightman bumper". I had to change the mounts on the bumper because it came off a hybrid and it didn't fit; but this gave me the chance to mount the winch as far back as possible.

I had to cut some of the radiator grill but the bumper is back against the end of the chassis rails. Also means that I haven't lost too much approach angle, like you do with those "thick bottom lip" ARB bumpers. :D:ph34r:

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This is the BRB bumper on the Disco, it sticks out a bit further but allows plenty of airflow around the larger intercooler (if you have one) and I've not really noticed the front digging in to any great extent. :unsure:



There are some good deals on cheaper winches around just now and it's worth looking further afield. Maybe get the bumper from First Four and search around for the winch. ;)

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hi Nick........... mill services just made me a special set of sliders for mine...... shorter as my arches have been cut out and i have fibre glass arches now..... also the tree bars stick out mor than usual.

hes also working on a rear bumper for me.......

a small piccie of the sliders can be found here.


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