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Wabco ABS diagnostic problems


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I have come to the point where I have become defeated by the ABS on this car I am working on and could really use some help :)

Typical story, ABS light always on, after a long time hunting through the internet I managed to find out how to get the ABS light to flash the codes

few details on the car

1994 300tdi Discovery

Wabco ABS ECU - Part number AMR1097 446 044 040 0

diagnostic is taken from the vehicle diagnostic plug not a standalone ABS diagnostic plug

The warning light relay matches the description (wiring colours) of the older Lucas system that uses the standalone plug not that of the vehicle diagnostic plug :unsure:

I do not understand why it seems to have the wiring types from both systems, however the jumper test does work...kind of...

Following the online guides the ABS system spits out code 2-1 constantly no matter how many times I attempt it (50+ I wouldn't like to think how many times this code has repeated ) and this code does not appear anywhere on the guides, the closest I have found is in the link below, but the ecu doesn't match :unsure:


Anyone else had this? Really not sure where to go from here, is there a way to 'clear all'!


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Yes I am 100% sure it is code 2-1 assuming that the 2.5 sec flash followed by the 0.5 flash is the start sequence. As I know some ABS ECU only have a single flash start sequence. But neither 2-1 or 1-2-1 appear on any land rover blink code sheets.

So is that a certainty that the ECU has gone?



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Hi , Try this link to a 31 page maintrenance manual from Wabco


If in doubt find a local LR specialist with a good diagnostic tool. Second hand spares are available but make sure you do not buy second hand trouble . Try and use a specialist who has access to second hand parts and make sure he checks it out on your Disco before paying for it. Regards Jonathan

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Not sure if my previous post worked so Try this link to a 38 page maintenance manual


Regards Jonathan

You sir are an absolute star, that manual is very useful :) we will be able to get a new ECU during the week

Does anyone know what type of lamp i need to get before i rip the dash out??



If you have a haynes manual it should say in there which type, halfords little flip book things will probably list it aswell

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