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Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me putting in a link to a question I put on the Discovery forum:

Injector question

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on what this might be - originally put it in the Discovery section as that's what I've got, but thought that I may get more people seeing the question in here.

Thanks :)

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Erm - I don't think so. What do you mean by excessive?

Sorry - I'm not too good at fixing stuff like this myself - just trying to get an idea of what it might be to help booking it in to the garage (and an idea of how expensive it might be!)

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LR90 - think we have the same idea.

sounds like the headgasket to me more than injectors. with it running take the oil filler cap off & feel for any air movement, it will blow if the head gasket has gone into an oilway.

is it using oil or water? pale smoke sounds like water to me.

i believe TDis have a slight habit of blowing the head gasket around No4, im told it often blows to the edge & gives a 'chuffing' sound when cold.

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Hi Andy,

I have been keeping an eye on the oil and water levels and both are fine - unless the dipstick is lying!

I will go and check again this evening though.

The only way I can really describe it is running rough first thing in the morning and not so bad when it's warm.

Could it be a timing thing? No idea how that would have changed though...

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I should add that the only thing I've tinkered with recently is take off the EGR valve and fit a blanking plate and changed the hoses for silicone ones. Everything is still tight.

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Just been and re-checked - oil and water levels are fine and no air movement from the oil filler cap (well, not that I could tell over the blast from the fan).

Oil was slightly low but still well above minimum and it has been 4k miles since last change.

Didn't seem too rough when I started her up either. Re-checked all the jubilee clips on hoses were nice and tight as well...

Will see what happends tomorrow morning...

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She was pretty rough again today :( - so booked in to be seen to at Dunsfold - but they can't fit her in until next Friday - do I continue to drive her or not? (she's my only vehicle)

Dunsfold reckoned quite likely to be head gasket as well, so I'm guessing I would have to be v careful if I did still drive her? Had my eye on the temp guage all day and it didn't budge from half way so am hoping that means things are ok.

Thanks again guys - very friendly forum :) B)

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