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LT230 centre diff removal advice need


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I’m thinking to re-shim the LT230 centre diff.

It has cover 240’000 KM and I don’t know when shimmed in the past.

My dilemma is that, is it possible to remove the centre diff without remove the whole transfer box unit? (Disco 96’ 300tdi)

What is the easiest way?



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In theory you can remove it in-situ, unbolt the front output housing and pull the centre diff out.

In practice, I've never tried it on a Disco so it could be totally impossible, and if the box has done 240k then surely you may as well drop it and put new bearings/seals/input gear in as well? Unless there's some particular reason you feel the centre diff would need shimming?

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Expect the small clunk is with the transfer box, no special reason for re-shim. Working well, but lot km is in it.

Only why I started to think about it that friend of mine Disco’s transfer box centre diff gone on this week.

I have a spare (used) transfer box.

If it is to difficult to remove the centre diff for temporarily checking and re-shim, I’ll overhaul the spare one and replace the whole box.

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