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intercooler range 300 tdi


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:i-m_so_happy: ,

I would want booster my tidy up 300 tdi, having to delete(eliminate) the egr, the catalytic, and to go(take) up a filter has air(sight) to do the twist, I wish to make settle(adjust) my turbo and the pump I also intend to go(take) up a bigger intercooler.

IF you have information on the ideal regulation, I am a buyer. :blink:


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If your TDi is the older non-edc type you can tweak the fuel pump, raise the boost pressure a little bit and if you don't have Air conditioning you can fit a HOOGE intercooler. Mine is the same size as the radiator :)

To raise the boost I used an adjustable boost control valve which is easier to adjust at the road side. It also prevents waste gate creep so it improves mid-boost performance making the car more sprightly.

Try small imcreases in boost and fuel pump settings, fit a boost guage to check the pressure too.

Oh and remove the particle filter in the exhaust.

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Thank you for the information, on I tidy up I am going to delete(eliminate) the radiator of the air conditioning because I never serves me as it, not rather warmly the summer, and she(it) consumes too much power.

I am thus going to make settle(adjust) the pump and the turbo and go(take) up a bigger intercooler.

What is this room(part,play):le stimulating lid of pressure and or takes place you he(it) in the engine??.

;) BRUNO ;)

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