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noisy rear axel 300tdi 110 -97

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now when my defender is at garage and getting new clutch, i decided to change UJ too, cause of "clonk sounds" and SMALL vibration in driveline!

I shows that UJ are OK and when I turn rear axel witout cardan/driveshaft on the is MAJOR play 1-2cm ! my defender have done 180 000km ....!

where to start looking? I have not looked for drive flanges yet, have a pair on the shelf dough! Can drive flange cause that much play???

can diff itself be that worn??? front one is pretty OK!

any ideas where to start looking? problem "area" is quite limited! :)


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I shows that UJ are OK and when I turn rear axel witout cardan/driveshaft on the is MAJOR play 1-2cm !

Assuming that's rotational play you're talking about than that sounds not that bad at all actually :P . Quite often it's a fair bit more. A lot of play usually comes from the diff, just wear and tear. They keep going like this for ages so it's not really something to worry about.

Checkin the drive flanges is easy. Lift up a rear wheel, pull on the handbrake (or actually the other way around ;) ), whip off that dustcover and turn your wheel. You can only turn it a certain distance but when it hits 'the ends' you can see howmuch play there is. If you don't see the halfshaft moving much compared to the flange than all is good, if it is moving a lot get some new ones. They're cheap anyway.

Oh, vibration could also be caused by a worn slipjoint in the driveshaft. Grab that bit and move it up and down, a tiny little bit is okay but any more than that is no good.

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