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Broken Side Steps

Mr Bean

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Well my side steps decided to snap at the brackets today.

They had totally rotted through.

The steps are still good but the brackets are scrap.

And to top it all off half the rivnuts are knackered which will need to be drilled out and replaced with a bigger one.

Does anybody where you can buy just the brackets or is it new side steps?

I'm tempted to buy stainless steel just because they will last the life of the car.

What are everyone's thoughts?

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Any local fabrication company should be able to make some for you, probably cheaper than new brackets if you take the old ones in as a template.

Give them a good coating of paint every few years and I'm sure that they'll out live the car.

I see you are in Lincs, if you are anywhere near Grimsby I could get you contact details of someone who would be able to make them for you. PM me if needed as I'll loose this thread :rolleyes:

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For your info: I have ordered side steps for the Freelander 2 from John Craddock.

They were a poor quality copy of the originals; soo bad, than one of the brackets was already loose when opening the package.

The installing manual was also a poor quality copy of the LR manual.

I will never install them on the car... I'm afraid they can fall when driving 140km/h or so...

My advice: if you can't see the products first and they involve safety, NEVER buy them via internet.


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