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TD5 overheat after 20 mins

Mean Green

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Sorry this is a little vague, however, are there any known faults/problems with TD5 Discovery engines that will cause them to overheat after about 20 mins running?

My Brother in law has the chance of a 1999 Disco Td5 auto with 80ish k miles, but it has an unknown problem of overheating. I have not had seen it or had any detail other than it overheats after about 20mins of running.

It is owned by a company and has been a standby/spare vehicle for a few years and has only really been used on short journeys. So the obvious thing is a blocked radiator - but I assume that they will have had this checked before "writing it off". Is there any easy way to check whats wrong?

If it has been overheating what damage could it have done?


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My td5 had a similar problem with over heating but it seemed to have a protection mode built in and would shut down to minimum revs so no damage could occur.My problem was the head gasket which has now been done and I have clocked 5000 miles without any problems.

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