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  1. Mean Green

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    As an update - Plugged it into Hawkeye and it came up with a couple of faults - but not anything that seem relevant.3001 - Fuel Temp Low3014 - Air Flow Low Fault3015 - Manifold Pressure Low3016 - Inlet Air Temp Low3079 - Temp Gauge Open Load3129 - Road Speed Missing3143 - Turbo has been overboostingDoes anyone know of a plain english 'idiots guide' to fault codes .. ie if X try Y etc?I replaced the fuel pump yesterday - no real change. Still knocking and still smoking. It may be my imagination but the knock does not seem quite as bad. It started and ran and ticked over as in the video. I moved it off of the drive and into the garage and even at crawling pace it felt down on power and needed a quite big revs to move without stalling.Now that it is inside I am going to have a look at injector loom etc. All other suggestions gratefully received.
  2. Mean Green

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    Cheers Simon, I have PM'd you.
  3. Mean Green

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    yes it does smell of Diesel and it was mis-firing. i am not sure if it is using water - I bought it with the engine fault as I have a spare td5 which I was going to drop into it, but it might just be easier to try to fix this one first.
  4. I have a 1999 TD5 which has a very load knock and plumes of white smoke, both at idle and under load. No power when trying to drive and a great impersonation of a steam train both sound and smoke. A search on the 'net found this video on Youtube which sounds exactly the same. Unfortunately there are no answers given as to what it actually was. Any ideas or suggestions. Now it will not start - although the battery is dying so that wont help - even with a squirt of easy start. It gives half a turn then stops.
  5. Mean Green

    Paddocks Jump Start packs

    I received an email yesterday from Paddocks with a special offer on slimline jump pack. https://www.paddockspares.com/xs-powerpack-multi-function-jump-starter.html Does anyone have any experience of them? My project 90 is in the garage with a dead battery - it always starts with a jump and I would like to be able to start it to move it when the need arises - but I don't want to put a new battery in it until it gets its rebuild. Would something like that have the power to start a dead 90 every few months?
  6. Mean Green

    Cost to galv a chassis

    Hi Simon No they didn't get back to me. But the plan has changed. It was supposed to be a Quick fix to get it back on the road and I could use it until such time as I could do a rebuild on the Defender. But is going to need more time than I can afford at the mo- would rather spend time and cash on the 90. So I think I am just going to sell it on - did have someone interested but they have gone quiet. Really is a shame as it is in really good condition and runs sweet as a nut.
  7. Mean Green

    Cost to galv a chassis

    Cheers Simon ... That was my thoughts! It was Highland Galvanisers in Cumbernauld. In fairness it was only an email and I have not spoken to anyone about it. All they said was it was strip the existing paint and galvanise. Hopefully Scottish Galvanisers will get back to me soon and be a bit more realistic.
  8. Mean Green

    Cost to galv a chassis

    Ouch!!! Just got quote back... £895 + VAT!! Just doesn't make it viable at that level!
  9. Mean Green

    Cost to galv a chassis

    What would expect to pay to have a D2 chassis galv'd? How are the jobs usually priced is it by weight? I am doing to give the local galv'r a call but would like to at least have some idea what I was talking about before I do.
  10. Might be worth speaking to Andy about both the P38A pump and airbags. He may offer these too.
  11. If you are heading to Scotland, then no doubt you will be on the ferry to Cairnryan and head north from there. In that case you can probably pick up a repair kit from bagpipeandy .... http://www.bagpipingandy.com/installation.html without deviating from your route!
  12. I spoke to Pete Bell about it at the Scottish Show and he claimed around extra 30hp - well he would, wouldn't he!! although to be fair I don't think Pete has ever been known to make false statements about his products! A mate has one fitted and although I have not driven his 90, the reports I have heard is that he is delighted with it and it has improved the driving experience - not sure on specific areas - Low end, motorway etc, but generally better. I would certainly consider one if ££ allowed.
  13. Mean Green

    Headlamp loom group buy

    It is a shame it ended the way it did. I do feel sorry for Jason and all the hassle that he has had, but seemingly disappearing (intentionally or unintentionally) with peoples money and little or no explanation was a bit off. Just glad it is all sorted, everyone has their money back and the forum has something towards the running costs. Just a shame we have lost a forum member in the process. But it serves as a lesson to anyone who is thinking about trying to do a group buy (not that it is allowed on this board any more) that it is a much bigger commitment than it first seems, especially if it involved dealing with China.
  14. Mean Green

    defender 200tdi battery light

    My 200 is doing the same. The light glows dimly, but goes off when I switch the lights on or put on any load.
  15. Mean Green

    Sell or Refurb then sell

    Yes N4S... I have played that game before. I think my record is 2 defenders and 2 discos on the drive. Cut back the fleet to 1 LR. If I didn't have a company car too I would probably have a Disco as my everyday driver. So I need something more usable.

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