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35 inch tyres with 2 inch body lift


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Hi all,

Got this new beastie this week, huge improvement in the comfort/interior sector from my series 3


It's a Disco 300 van with a 4.6 V8, auto transmission and twin Arb lockers :)

It runs 35/34 inch Silverstone extreme tyres and a 2 inch bodylift. Since I'll be competing in the standard class, rules state that a 2 inch lift is the maximum you can go, but right now, with a further 2 inch spacer on the rear the tyres are touching the arch under full articulation.

What springs do you suggest since I have to remove the rear coil spacer? Will also try to modify the arches.


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Hi Bob, nice truck!

Do the rules state lift as body lift / suspension lift - i.e can you lift the suspension if you already have the body lift?

More suspension lift wont cure your problem, as the lift doesn't reduce maximum uptravel, it will only starts you off higher and potentailly gives more drop travel. Where is the wheel touching, the outer arch or the inner? If it is the outer then you should be able to trim more off or maybe re-position the arch extension. If it the inner arch then the only cure is +2" bump stops to reduce uptravel.

I ran 37s on my Disco with a 40mm body lift and +2" bump stops. They hit under full articulation at the rear of the rear inner arch and the front of the front inner arch. Everything else they touched I just cut off :lol:

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No, rules say that total amount of lift, being body or suspension lift should not exceed 2". So, I'm tied with the body lift. But as you said, suspension lift won't cure the problem.

Wheel is touching the inner arch, so I believe can't butcher any more.

If I change springs to heavy duty type, will it help? If so, what rating should I look at. Saw the bearmach blue springs at standard height rated at 194 lbs (438mm) and yellow britpart rated at 285lbs (385mm height).

the disco has all guards and steel bumpers.



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