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OT - Bike for Sale Anyone

Steve King

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[sad confession] I restored one of those for a guy once[/sad confession]

It's actually very old - possibly in the darker days not long before MOG was created. :D

Rod-operated front brake, small generator to power the lights, etc etc. All there as well apart from the front wheel. These old bikes are worth a bit now. Not thousands, but a few hundred.

Have to admit if it was near me I'd buy it.

The first bit of 'off-roading' I ever did was on a 'modified' version of one of those.

Remove front brake, chain guard, both wheel covers, turn the handle bars around, and there you are, a primitive version of the BMX.

I was also skate boarding before the things ever became popular - a book balanced on a roller skate was the way to do it.

Les. :)

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