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Another piece on the future of the Defender


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So, to summarise this topic: bring back the RRC with a modern engine and a bit of quieting. Off-road capability + comfort + style. :ph34r:

2 big problems with that is the RRC chassis is not up to hard work, and the rear overhang is too great.

Re-style the body panels to capture some Land Rover series iconic image, give it a more robust chassis, and a good 4 cyl diesel of 3.0/3.2 litres with VNT or compound turbos, a strong drive train and wider track for improved turning circle, then you would have a great basis for a Defender replacement.

SWB is not popular here in Aus and 90's never sold very well. 100" and 110" wheel base in 5 door wagon, HCPU and Cab chassis versions and 130" (not current 127") in single/dual cab, HCPU and Cab chassis versions would sell well if the pricing is not silly and dealer support was improved.

The Asian pick-ups are the biggest selling 4x4 here (they sell more vehicles in 1 week than all Rovers and Jags in 2 or 3 years).

The Asians don't have a dual cab that is suitable as a work horse, which the market here wants. Our market also wants a good dual cab tug for pulling large loads such as floats, large trailer boats and caravans over long distances at 90/100 km/h, safely and in reasonable comfort. The USA versions (F truck, Chevy, Dodge) are too wide for our suburban roads.

So a good 130" Defender replacement with some comfort, a strong engine and drive line would make a killing here, if they got the pathetic dealer network back up to scratch.

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My 2p as a new (old) Defender owner

I've had a new Navara in 2002 and while it was all the things mentioned above it had no charisma, no soul, it never put a smile on my face.

2 weeks ago I bought a 1994 Defender 110 Hi Cap (much to my wife's disappointment)

As soon as I saw it in the flesh I wanted it, within 10 minutes of driving it I felt like I'd been transported back to 1955, it wouldn't go, stop without squealing like a scared girl, steer in a straight line and the wipers have a mind of their own.

I spent all Saturday tinkering with it, I'm hooked and will definitely be keeping it

I do think it needs a re-design if only so they can start selling it in the US, when I was out there in May it seemed every 3rd vehicle I saw was a pickup, even if they only got 1% of the US market it would be massive.

Needs to be cheaper though I can't see them paying $45000 for one

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The Defender replacement does need a welded body produced on a modern line, with decent isolation for NVH and due consideration of modern safety expectations while retaining a family resemblance.

Couldn't agree more. Twin rail chassis with some flimsy panels bolted on is no way to construct a modern vehicle and is the reason a replacement is well overdue. I am a Paramedic and trust me when I say that they do not hold up well in smashes. :o

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