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  1. All wheel trim should get a new website, that one looks like it was designed as a school project I know what I'm looking for but can I work a price out, can I They should put the cost next to a picture of the vehicle rather than everything separate I'm looking for a 90 truck cab conversion with a black mohair roof and tonneau cover
  2. All this emissions is utter BS Yes we needed to get away from the black snot weekender that was London in 1975 but we've long since passed that point Anything from now on is all to do with economics, develop a new engine nobody wants but make them buy it by banning all previous engines from entering cities Make people buy new cars by making a non essential system (abs & airbag) a MOT failure I deliver truck parts for a living, I use a 2007 iveco daily that has 230,000 miles on it, a recent MOT told me what I thought, it's fine and I don't need to change it, the MoT tester actually swo
  3. It's been into the garage today, they think the shuttle valve is faulty, he's tested the servo and brake pressure and its all working What he thinks is happening is the brake pressure is arriving at the shuttle valve at full pressure but its only letting some of it through because its seized up £160 for a new one so I hope that's it
  4. It doesn't cost £6200 a year I've just been through it, if your moving other people's goods for money and you don't qualify for the exemption you need an O licence This means you'll need a certificate of professional competence in road transport (CPC) or employ somebody who has one You'll need premises that'll need to be approved by vosa, a garage to do the checks, mine is 10 weekly It cost me around £1000 for a 5 year licence, luckily for me I did my CPC 15 years ago( not driver CPC that's something different)
  5. It's business use, if you're moving friends cars that's not business use There is also a dual purpose vehicle exemption that might apply to defenders but you'd need to research that yourself There's some info on the NTTA site http://www.ntta.co.uk/news/news_details.aspx?NewsID=17
  6. Thanks for all the advice, I'll have a look at the servo for cracking first and go from there The green stuff pads were on it when I bought it which makes me wonder if the previous owner put them on to try and improve the braking It does brake in a straight line, just a very long one
  7. My 90s brakes are terrible compared to my focus It passed the MOT last year but is due again in the next couple of weeks When you start to brake they bite but don't get any better no matter how hard you press The servo is working because the pedal goes down a bit when you start it up with your foot on the brake The discs look in good condition , it has green stuff pads which again look fairly new Anything obvious I should look for
  8. I assume this new defender will be designed to comply with US safety regulations which will be a massive market for land rover All they can buy now is a rebuilt defender 25 years old for 30k Americans don't take a dump unless the stall has A/C so they need to beef the spec up or it won't sell
  9. Since this thread was started things have changed regarding towing for business If you tow for hire or reward you now need an operators licence if you operate as a courier or move goods that aren't yours, ie cars you now fall in this O licence group As I understand it if you're moving your own goods you don't , the requirement for O licences for trailers weighing over 1020kg unladen hasn't changed Something that should be taken into account when buying large tri axle trailers
  10. Congrats for Saturday As most of the repair cost would be labour at £40+ pr hour if hope what they're offering would provide for more than to return it to its previous state if you'll be doing the work. I thought the opening offer was open to negotiation
  11. I've had 3 non fault claims in the last 5 years, I've declared them on my insurance application but the premium hasn't got up at all I think you need to change insurance companies if they're increasing premiums for accidents that aren't your fault
  12. It's all about money, all they're thinking about is new ways to fine us or make up pay for things to carry on doing what we've doing for years. This year I've had to get an operators licence to carry on with my light haulage business, I tow a trailer behind an iveco pickup Now I'm under the same rules as a 44 tonne artic and £1000 worse off, Kerching
  13. Lace seatbelts, my god she really is going to want it pink
  14. They have a stockist link on the website http://www.millersoils.co.uk/
  15. Les your old one looks new, were you on a weight saving exercise to improve the MPG ;o)
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