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Please can I get some help in this one?

Need to replace the Lambda sensors on my disco 1 v8. Its an R plate 1997 model. From what I can see/feel, it's a 3 wire version with round plugs. However every website I look at says that this type was only for up to a 1996 model, and a 1997 model should have 4 wires and square plugs.

Does anyone have the info according to my chassis no which is VA742730 ? It was definately registered in 1997, but I guess could be a 1996 model that had sat around for a while?

Just want to double check in case I order the wrong one!

Many thanks


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You can buy universal ones from motor factors for not too much money, but make sure you get the correct type. Most universal ones are Zirconia / 4-wire (or 3 or 1 wire), but LR often used Titania types which work differently and, I think, have a smaller thread.

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Hi John

Yeah - been looking at this:


which says both the ones I am confused over are titania ones - just trying to work out which one it is!

I am guessing it is going to be the 3 wire version - up to 1996, seeing as my current ones are 3 wire! Just that the dates don't tally up!



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