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200tdi starts but wont stop


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The only thing that stops the engine is te fuel cut off solenoid on the back of the injector pump. If the plunger inside it sticks, then fuel will continue to flow and the engine will continue to run - even with the keys out of the ignition. Could be an electrical problem as well, but this is easy to check. The solenoid has a single wire to it, which is live with the ignition on and dead with it off. If the wire is dead when you turn the ignition off, then a solenoid fault is the culprit. Disconnect the wire and unscrew it - there's a small spring and the plunger which will come out as well, so make sure you catch them. Could be dirt/grit stopping it from working, but this is unlikly as the fuel filter should keep the fuel nice and clean.


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similar fault on mine a few years ago, remove the shut off soleniod & see if there is any thin slithers of metal, this is from the FIP's cam/roller parts & will need a FIP rebuild, the slithers jam the plunger & keep it slightly open so the engine will carry on running unless you stall it.

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