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hot'n cold!


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My Dii td5 -99 has developped an enoying thing!

when car is driven warm +83-85c and im using heater.....I only get hot air to my feet and only cold air to windscreen!

i have checked my coolant level...its OK and enough or it! Engine is warm, all positions works fine with clima control up to windscreen, feet and so on!

When i increase/adjust "heat" over +25c then i get heat from windscreen nozels too!

what might be the problem?

Engine do not make any unusual presure in the system ( head gasket ok),



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I think its a distribution problem with the central heating department. I'm not sure how it all works internally to achieve the output required but the "feet" vents always have warmer air than the face/screen vents, I am pretty sure it is supposed to be like that, at least mine always has been since new. I think it is so if you have it on face/feet you get warm air on your feet and cool air on your face which is what most people want.

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