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Broken half shaft

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Hi All

Having lost drive to my land rover I have discovered that I have a broken half shaft, the front drivers side. I have remove the half shaft and CV, but still have a large section of the half shaft still in the diff I suspect. I drained the diff oil hoping that the pieces would fall out, but they did not.

What is the best way to remove the rest of the half shaft that is left in?

I should also ask what do I need to purchase in the way of gaskets/seals and oil in order to put the assembly back together?


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I pulled mine out with a magnet on a stick like the X-Shaft but I think I was lucky it hadn't got jammed in there.

I checked all the bits to make sure nothing had gone MIA and was waiting to go into the diff, I know fomr experience that debris will get pulled up by the oil at higher speeds when it can do it's very worst.

Removing the diff is of course the only 100% solution.

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