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Hi to everyone !!!! My name is Kev and i have had o few other off roaders before seeing the light.

I have just bought my first disco and have today been doing some welding. Drivers side sill was shot and drivers footwell had a couple of holes .

It took me all day to do these !!!! Never mind . My question was , what sort of suspension lift would i need to fit 7.50x16 tyres ?

Would the arches need a bit of trimming ? All help would be grateful


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Typically a 40mm to 50mm (2"0 lift would be fitted with those tyres and the back arch may need trimmin to look like a RRC, the so-called camel cut otherwise the tyre catches the arch just ahead of the mud flap.

Lifts will often by stiffer to but with longer shock you get more articulation, poteentailly more upwards travle before you hit the bump stops and more space under the sills, bumpers and towbar.

I know people say that fitting a lift doesn't give you any more clearence but I'd ask why so many people fit sill guards if there is no risk of grounding the sill?

2" is about the point though when you start needing to spend money on longer brake lines, castor correction (which then leads you to buy an expensive front propshat) and anti roll bar spacers amongst other things.

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I put HD springs and a 1" spacer below them (with +2 shocks) all round... 7.50R16 tyres work and fit just right all round, they just look a bit skinny! 235/85/16 also fit, but only less aggresive ones, e.g. NOT Special Tracks. They catch on the front of the arch!


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