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Electric Problem - Please help retain my sanity!


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1995 300Tdi

The story so far!

Cooked my engine on the M3. Removed and replaced. Kept my wiring harness in the engine bay.

Started with no problems but was too much blow by. Removed and replaced. Kept my wiring harness in the engine bay.

Won't start! Not a hint! All wiring (as far as I am aware) is exactly the same as it was before! Including a sound body/engine earth connection.

12v at the ignition switch and the starter relay clicks (so not immobilised) but I do not get any feed to the stop solenoid, the glow plug heater or the starter motor. I can't work out why and it is driving me mad!

I have missed something obvious, but what is it?

All suggestions gratefully received before the wife calls the men in white coats.....



Troubled of Trowbridge

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Having slept on it.....

The starter relay (inside RH footwell) clicks, so it has an earth, so it's not the immobiliser.

I am getting 12v on the alternator and on the glowplug timer relay (feeds fromn the battery, so the battery is OK). The oil light works (different circuit but shows there is some form of earth to the engine). I am not getting 12v on either the starter motor soleoid feed, or even the fuel stop solenoid. I am getting 12v to the ignition switch.

I haven't disturbed the wiring in the car, when changing engines I've just unclipped/disconnected all the wires from the previous engine and laid it to one side.

It's either a 12v feed problem (as I suspect glowplug, starter and fuel stop should all work together) or an earthing problem.

Have I missed anything?


Perplexed Peter

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Hi mate put a jump lead for battery ground to the engine the place a smaller wire from the battery live to the stop soloind and listen out for a click, now get your other jumperlead and carefully Attach it to the Starter soloind (not the live but the flick over side I belive it's a spade terminal but been a while so I don't remember) now touch the other end to battery live to turn over the engine. Make sure it's in neutral. Might take a few turns but should start :) then remove the ground wire to see if it stalls. If not check the live feed wire to the soloind

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Fuse F3!

And interestingly the colours in the Rave manual for the oil pressure switch and the fuel stop solenoid don't correspond to the colours in the car. When you get it wrong the oil pressure light comes on, but the fuel stop solenoid doesn't work.

And it appears the fuel pump didn't work.

But apart from all that, it's in, it started and I'm now a happy bunny!



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