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  1. Section 76 http://www.landy.pl/LandRoverDiscoveryWorkshop1995-1996.pdf
  2. Bolt head on rear bottom edge of drum backplate, 17mm from memory but it could be 19mm. Turn it clockwise to improve handbrake.
  3. Just out of curiosity how did you replace the switch? Need to do mine and I'm not double jointed with long thin arms and small hands.
  4. On a 95 300tdi the aerial for the central locking is run up behind the plastic trim beside the windscreen on the passenger side, or at least on mine it is. Looks like a length of co-ax cable with the insulation and screening removed off the last 200mm of cable. If you are having to stand close to the car to make it work it might be worth checking to see if the cable is actually plugged into the ecu. Also check to see if water leakage into the car has caused corrosion on the plug connection to the ecu. Mine happily works from about 4-5m from the car.
  5. You don't have to even remove the belts. If you remove the rear seats the rear seat belts are not a testable item. The worst that will happen is the MOT tester will record that the test was done without the rear seats being fitted. Section 5.2 MOT Manual "Where a belt is fitted with no corresponding seat or if there is a buckle/stalk but no corresponding belt, it is NOT to be considered a seat belt for the purpose of this inspection." http://www.motuk.co.uk/manual_520.htm
  6. Would anybody happen to have a copy of the wiring diagram for the central locking including the links to the alarm ecu for a disco 300tdi 1995 which they could post on here. Thanks.
  7. 3 screws on the underside of the fan/motor assembly in the footewell. Unit just drops down.
  8. Doesn't make any difference which way round the hoses are connected to the heater matrix. The matrix is fully up to engine coolant temperature whether the heater is being used or not ie no control valve. The temperature output of the heater is controlled by a number of dampers. It sounds as thought one or more of the dampers is not operating correctly. Or you have an air leak in the casing of the heater box somewhere.
  9. Replacement lock actuator from Maplins, fits and works perfectly £9.99 http://www.maplin.co.uk/door-lock-motors-12304?ordercode=YD78K
  10. Just un-plug the modulator block. It's located on the passenger side of the engine bay just in front of the screen wash bottle and behind the air filter box.It's the big lump of metal with all the brake pipes connected to it. The connector plug is on the engine side. Un-plug it.... no abs, everything else as normal. Alternatively the fuse in the engine bay fuse box Number 8 , same result.
  11. Although you can dis-able the abs as described above if the car needs an MOT in the future it will need to be operational for the test. Might be better getting the problem sorted now. Alternatively you can strip the entire abs system from the car and then go for an MOT. Not such a bad idea on an older car as the cost of parts for the system can be very expensive.
  12. If you do need to replace a bulb in the rear cluster, replace them all while you are at it.
  13. The "block with the black wire " is a suppressor to stop your alternator causing electrical interference to other peoples appliances. It has no bearing on the correct operation of your alternator. Mine fell off years ago without any effect at all. Can you not change the pulley on the new alternator over with the one off the origonal one. If you don't have the correct pulley size you're tachometer will not run to engine speed anyway when you get it to work.
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