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300tdi fuel pump's


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Hi i am currently fitting a disco 300tdi engine into my defender and i have come to the stage of plumbing up the fuel pipes, but because i bought just the engine and not the doner vehicle i dont know where each pipe connets to. Ive tried searching a few forums but cant find anything.

Does anybody have a picture of their lift and injector pump that they could label which is the feed's and return's for me please. It would be a great help if somebody could.

Or if any one has a picture of how they have plumbed up their conversion using the defender filter that would be useful to.



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This post should help with some of the connections for the lift pump and filter -

Lift pump - top is from tank, bottom is to filter.

post-2-091179500 1287172747_thumb.jpg

Injector pump - top pipe is boost pipe from the turbo.

post-2-049953100 1287172800_thumb.jpg

2-pipe connection. Left side is from the spill rail, right side is fuel return.

post-2-036893800 1287172874_thumb.jpg

Supply from filter to injector pump.

post-2-064437100 1287173199_thumb.jpg

Fairly certain that's right - I only have a part assembly here at the minute. I can post definite pictures of the entire assembly tomorrow if necessary.


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