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Rear side door window replacement

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Hi All,

Someone broke my rear passenger door on the driver's side of the 110 TDCi defender the other day (to get at a bag with some very boring books in it)...

I've got a new window and have the door cards off but can't work out how to get the window in the guides. Was I right to assume that the window in the Puma is the same as previous defenders? And if so, can any tell me how to get it in there? (I searched for this, but could not find it in the forum)

Thanks a lot


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Great, thanks a lot. Once I knew it was essential to take off the inner it was not so painful; though a little fiddly.

As a matter of interest, how many of those plastic white jobs that hold the doors cards are expected to break when removing them?



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this might help, more aimed at door replacement, but includes window remove/refit


Western, the photos in your link dont show on my computer, perhaps it because its an old link?

Do they show for anyone else, or is it just my computer?

I need to strip my doors down (remove handles, glass etc) for a respray, so those photos would be useful to me.

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