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Lost on Salisbury plain


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Not really LR, but I was up on the plains today, I also jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes for a bit of light relief, anyway four thousand foot, jump out and after I land someone asks if I'd seen a door, apparently after I jumped the bl**dy door fell off, so if anybody is up on the plains and finds an islander back door can we have it back please.

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Best way to find it, is retrace the flightpath & search the area each side of it from the point where you jumped out. hopefully it's not buried in some unsupecting cow or horse or someone's house/garage.

dah, salisbury plain, biggest playgroung the army has in the south, Army Parachute Association, only village on the plains is Imber and thats had the ell kicked out of it for fifty odd years now, anyway will try ebay for a new one. :unsure::rolleyes:

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