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Wiper Spindle Rubber


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Does anyone know where I can get the rubber tubes that go over the wiper spindles? The ones on my motor have perished and I need to replace them. Otherwise does anyone know an alternative source?

Also I need some new (2) 'shaped grommets' to fit over the spindles on the outside of the scuttle panel. Anyone know where I can get these?

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Parts like these are probably only available from main dealers, unless you can sus. out what other manuf used them as I doubt they were specific to LR. I'm suprised at just how many of the smaller/obscure components are still available to order, even though many major items are not <_< If you can find the part numbers themselves (& your local dealer can't help) try entering 'The Part' into your search engine as this will check if any stock is available throughout the UK.

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Thanks g&t and Dave

I checked out Cotswold Land Rovers, but they have been taken over by Tim Fry Landrovers and all stock of this item has gone!

I'll try my local Land Rover dealer, but the guy at Tim Fry said they are no longer available. We'll see!

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