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Sealing Safari Snorkel.......

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Hi all. Was just wondering whether anybody has any experience with sealing safari snorkels.

I took the outer part off my landy today because the engine still ticks over when i put my hand over the top. I checked the part which connects to the inside of the wing and that is sealed with silicone, but I also noticed that there is a drain point on the bit that attaches to the inside of the wing at the bottom. I dont really want to seal the drain point because it's there for a purpose.

But I would imagine that the air is being let in through there and also from the bottom of the filter box where the other dain point is which is why the engine still runs.

If I go wading above the two drain points, will water be sucked into my engine or will there be enough air coming in through the top of the snorkel, in order for the drain points not to let any water in?

I'm a bit confused, has anybody been wading with one fitted and with the drain points not sealed?


Terra Dog

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Mine came with the landy when I bought it. But after checking it was air tight I found that it wasnt. So all i've done is take the outer part off and seal the drain hole inside the snorkel and seal the outside to the wing with clear silicone.

I know it fixes to the side of the bulk head next to the side of the windscreen. All I can advise is make sure that when you drill the side of the bulk head at the top you put some sort of rust prevention on the holes you drill, and also seal as much as poss with silicone where water can be sucked in.

Apparently (after the silicone has set) and its all sealed you should be able to cut the engine out by putting you hand over the top of the snorkel. I havn't managed to get mine to do this yet but am in the process of trying to achieve the engine cut out method.

Cheers Terra Dog

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