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Another winch thread..


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Hi All,

Wasnt going to have one, but a mate has offered me an unused 4yearlold one that was on his company vehicle (defender 110) kitted out for working on remote telegraph lines in fields etc...it was on his truck and they have had a new fleet so he has stripped it off...

Its a bargain price and i trust his word that it hasnt been used and in vgood nick..

Im taking a look this weekend before i hand over the £50 :) - and expect a good quality and decent range model considering his companies status (they usualy have the best)..

So, after this bolt out the blue, im looking at getting together what i need to get it up and running...

2nd battery and charge relay not an issue - and i feel OK to do that..

Its the bumper options thats giving me some doubts..

Ive got a full 300TDI bumper at present and dont know what to do...

I dont do heavy off roading, just light realy, and probably dont even need the winch - but what the hell if its cheap..its bling :)

I was considering stripping the plastics off the bumper and do some grinding and fit a winch tray low down...i dont realy want to touch the grill if pos..can you get a winch tray for a 300 as i can only find D2s?

With the lack of knowledge and not been able to find much in tech archive, can anyone advise or point me to some pics and instructions of mounting?..

I am considering fabbing up a new bumper and trying to clone a v nice one ive seen off ebay...but it wont be a 5min job..

Ive never seen a winch fitted close up...which doesnt help..

Are the 4 bumper holes sufficiant to allow for winching?

any advice or links would be appreciated so i can understand more...

Until i know the rating and model, thats a factor as well i know...just trying to get some background..



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Rimmer's used to sell a winch mount for RRC (therefore Disco1) that fitted like a steering guard. Bit low perhaps but no serioous bodywork required and a very neat fit.

Alternatively Dave Bowyer at Goodwinch sells a "backrack" mount that drops onto a towball making it removable, no H/D springs required, no theft issues, no insurance hike and a winch at either end when you need it, you just need a towball and an Anderson plug either end.

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I dont do heavy off roading, just light realy, and probably dont even need the winch - but what the hell if its cheap..its bling :)

Until you've bought the tray, added the split charge, uprated the front springs, informed the insurance company etc :ph34r: There's also the extra weight up front and reduced approach angle having the winch stuck out front...

Have a look at First Four for bumpers, they are relatively cheap and good quality. If you don't need the winch though I wouldn't bother fitting it. For the use you suggest (none) I wouldn't even bother with a split charge system, just connect it to the main battery nand remember to leave the engine running ;)

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