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Help with Handbrake failed its MOT


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Hi all I hope you can help, my Disco 300tdi failed its MOT with 10% handbrake efficiency but I'm convinced it wasn't done right, the handbrake is really good on it unlike my 200tdi which is awful and passed ok (same place different tester)

the tester said something about because it has neutral on transfer box its not full time 4wd ??

just need some facts before I go back as I really feel that it wasn't tested correctly

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The tester appears to be incorrect, from the inspection manual:

Vehicles not to be tested on a roller

brake tester

Certain vehicles should not be tested

on a roller brake tester, e.g. vehicles


· More than one driving axle

permanently engaged

· Limited-slip differential

· Belt-driven transmission

· Brakes for which the servo

operates only when the vehicle is


These vehicles should be tested using

a properly calibrated and maintained

decelerometer or a plate brake tester

designated as acceptable for the

statutory tests, see Sub-Section 3.7B

and C.

A roller brake test is also not

appropriate for vehicles with

damaged, under-inflated or studded



As a coil LR does have a neutral in the transfer box (ignoring the borg warner TX box), it *is* possible to test it on a RBT, rather than use a decelerometer test as would be the norm for 4x4 vehicles. HOWEVER, according to the Inspection Manual, as the front and rear axles are permanently engaged (putting the TX box in neutral does not disengage the front axle) it should be tested with a decelerometer or plate brake tester.

I suspect he is getting confused by vehicles which are 4x2, i.e. like a series vehicle.

I suggest you go in and ask how it was tested, if they say Roller Brake Tester, then ask for it to be done again with the deceleromter, as per the Inspection Manual, if they argue, ask to speak to the AE or AEDM, they will sort you out :)

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