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landcruiser 70 series axles

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Hello has anyone here fitted 70 series yota axles to a 90(cant find 80s at the mo) and are they as strong as the 80 series landcruiser axles, secondly I dont seem to have seen any 90s with rear salisburys on ,is there a reason for this other than the low pinion and prop angle maybe?

Basicaly I want strong axles and being to poor for spidertax I thought lc 70 or 80 axles or salisburys both ends with rovertracs/rakeway mods ie dana 60 locker front with LC 80 cv etc.

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I don't know so much about 70s, but I know plenty about 80s. Basically the 70 series axles are a lot narrower than the 80 series, possibly too narrow for fitting to a 90, but I don't know 100%. The 70 series front axle uses the same high pinion diff as the 80 series, but with smaller CVs. The 70 series rear is the same 8" diff as a Hilux and much smaller than the 80 series. The 70 series axles are definately better than the standard LR carp, but I don't know whether they'd be worth swapping onto a 90.

The 80 series axles did come with lockers from the factory and I never broke mine with a V8 and 37" tyres. They'd be worth hunting for for. Otherwise look at Patrol axles - GQ Patrol?

What are you planning to use the truck for? Are you looking for strength for reliability, withstanding abuse, or do you want lockers etc? The Salisbury / Rovertracs mods could work out pretty expensive compared to KAM or ARB/Ashcroft if you're only planning 35" ish tyres.

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Thanks, I will have a measure up on some 70 axles, as I know the whereabouts of an abandoned one.Im changing the suspension set up so fitting them will not be much extra work.

I really dont like rover axles or the idea of spending a lot of money in the effort of trying to make them nearly as strong as LC ones.

With regards to rovertracks I would be doing all machining in house and only sourcing halfshafts etc from keith and dana 70 lockers are cheaper than rover or 60 lockers.So the costs wont be too bad

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Wheel mounting face to wheel mounting face is approximately 1400mm on a 70 series cruiser axle (if I remember correctly) which I am pretty sure is less than a defender. As has been said the rear diff is much smaller than the 80 series but the front is a similar sized high pinion unit. The 70 series also rarely have factory lockers. In general 70 series axles tend to be used as an upgrade on smaller trucks like Suzukis.

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70 series covers a large number of different model Landcruisers over many years up to current year and will no doubt continue into the future.

Over those years there have been a great many changes in the diffs.

Edit: Only the later years had the small high pinion front diff as used in 80 and 100 series wagons.

Edit2: When the v8 diesel engine was fitted they widened the front track, to a similar width to 105 series

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