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  1. I assume he didn't apologise for the inconvenience his ill health caused you. Hes my cousin and he showed me the messages he got, even some one being rude because their britpart x member was poor quality and 'your the one that makes the so what you going to do about it'
  2. In that case Im genuinely sorry for taking out a week of stress on here and being a ####
  3. You really have no idea do you!!! talentless stuck up twit. I supply him with the blanks and his fab skill is beyond what you will ever achieve, he hand makes car body shells from ally for christs sake!! Its takes half a day to fit a x member so whats wrong with £150 labour!!
  4. So you cut open the box and put captive nuts inside? cant have them on the outside as it will fail the fuel tank and you will then need crush tubes which collect water . Have you ever worked on a landrover( riveting on cheq plate doesnt count) ?
  5. So how do you bolt stuff on, or have room for a fuel tank and the tow bolts on a 110. For a td5 you have a rear fuel tank as well which touches the x member.
  6. Its to allow it to be a open channel design so there are no water traps and its easy to bolt stuff onto. The chassis is double skinned at the back so is in effect 4mm ,hence 4mm extension plates. The maker is a friend of mine and he tested the design with 4mm and it bent as a open channel so therefore the upgrade to 6mm.
  7. 120amp is not good especially as the duty cycle will drop off quickly down to maybe 70amps. Remove all scale from the steel as with small migs this can cause cold lap. Again with a small mig dont do vertical down as again this can result in cold lap. Cap lap can be a problem on even heavy duty welder ,thats why critical parts are still speced as tig or arc only.
  8. Why would you need software for something as simple as a rollcage? ,maybe if you had a 5 axis laser or whatever to cut every tube notch first before bending. I do like what malcolm whitbread makes , his prices are good and after seeing his work Id recomend him too
  9. Thanks for that, just bid perfect for my next pos
  10. Nicely done, most installations Ive seen look like something from scrapheap challenge
  11. beware of thinner gauge hardox, It can crack as Ive found out
  12. Go in any sheet metal shop, even the most modern aerospace places and you will see flypress in use, they can be a brake ,punch,notcher,doming tool, stretcher/schrinker the list is endless hence our indian friends made a point of buying and exporting thousands!
  13. The sheers are ok but can fight back, nibblers are better but the horse shoe nibbler swarf is unpleasant and can clog on aluminium.Ive got a old duplex nibbler that can eat 6mm steel which is handy when you dont want grinding or plasma sparks .
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