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  1. I assume he didn't apologise for the inconvenience his ill health caused you. Hes my cousin and he showed me the messages he got, even some one being rude because their britpart x member was poor quality and 'your the one that makes the so what you going to do about it'
  2. Give me a proper engineering drawing of parts needed, material spec and existing part re machining and I'll see what I can do.
  3. knows nothing says all

  4. No it isnt as you need to align to seperate boxes for drivetrain angle , and in a 90 there just isnt room. Ive done a few divorced transfer cases so I know how much extra room you need, and even on a 110 the rear prop ends up a bit short .Also you have the annoyance of making longer speedo cables handbrake cable, etc .
  5. Or landcruiser 80 gearbox?
  6. Very interesting thanks, shame about the box situation as Ive been offered a big old lexus which I assume has the electronic auto box. Going to hunt down a old surf now, and thanks again for the info
  7. Hello has anyone here fitted a lexus v8 in a defender type thing. Was thinking of using disco/range auto box and the torque converter and making or modifying the toyota flex plate . To keep things clean I was thinking of the megesquirt route. Any comments or suggestions?
  8. I think hydroboost would be good, especialy with big wheels
  9. Id go 130 always have good resale and demand is stronger and supply. Search a chap on here and pirate called oilworker he has a immaculate 130 equipped with tibus portal axles .I reckon something along those lines could be desirable
  10. I reckon my thoughts dont count, and im serious...because I use a landcruiser to tow with
  11. I prefer tri axle, tows forward with much more stability and much nicer to reverse as are slower turning.The braking is good as well. The downside is less weight capacity and hardwork to move by hand. Just my opinion based on 1000s of miles towing here and mainland europe
  12. I think id interlock using oil pressure so you can only have it on with the engine running. Did they ever do a 'arctic heater' like the ones they did for series landys
  13. I may do a thread if people are interested, have tried on a "clique" forum,but it got ignored while they patted each other on the backs for riveting on a bit of cheq plate.
  14. I did have a splitter box to give two outputs, though this is not on the car at the mo since fitting the cummins(no room!)I have designed a twin output transfer box which I may make myself(I own engineering firm)though a company involved with landrovers is interested in the design. The problems with the ashcroft/ foley unit is the price,use of week rover axles and custom parts in the event of failure.
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