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door locks


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i have a 110 csw, the front doors have key holes as does the rear door. the locks are real poor and can be opened with any key. would new ones be just as bad or can i get some higher security ones that i can just replace?


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ui changed my barrels earlyer int he year, super eay to do and you cvant get a set of fleebay dirt cheap.

makes it easyer to do if you drill a small hole in the bracketry that holds your window mechanism so you can get a screwdriver on to the inside of the lock easier


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They sound worn, so i'd stick some new ones on. and for the price difference i'd go genuine.

the subject of new improved door locks has come up several times, but even if you fitted the best, most secure door locks ever, or welded the doors shut, it doesn't stop a theif using a brick or tap hammer to smash the window.

i'd make sure the door locks work (as well as they can on a landy!) and don't leave things on show to discourage the opportunists, and use something highly visible like a disklok to discourage it getting nicked.


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