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  1. Yep they definitely point to the back of the engine! not sure how I messed that up so badly At least we all know what happens if you get this wrong now! left as is for now and running sweet IMG_5136.MP4
  2. I’m not sure the council really cared what I did, just that it couldn’t be ‘standard’ strip foundations to be honest what we built is definitely overkill but that was probably my bad for using an industrial structural engineer cause he was free haha it’s nice to know it will be bomb proof though! I’ll post up the structural drawings when I find them in case anyone is interested
  3. Ahhh thanks, that explains it! so I messed up 8 years ago and put my pistons in 180degrees out oh well nice bit of learning for the future
  4. Wow I thought I had done some more updates than this it’s been a crazy year dug standard 900mm deep strip foundations, building control came out and weren’t happy about the proximity to the trees and said I’d either have to go 3.5m down!!!! Or get a structural engineer, so I spoke to a structural engineer I know, and he gave me some plans, I think he may have gone abit over kill but it’s definitely a good slab now I ended up digging out the entire base to 1.6m deep then back filled 200m at a time with class 1 mot and whacked it down until It was filled 900mm then fitted shuttering for the ring beam which will take the walls and filled the Center with another 600mm of mot, then came the rebar fitting all 1.5t of it first pour of concrete for the ring beam 600mm deep then built the outer wall up 300mm to form the shuttering for the main slab which is another 300mm thick pour of concrete in total I removed 7x 18t trucks of soil then put 6x 18t trucks of hard core back, 1.5t of reinforcement steel and then about 22cubes of concrete build is now on hold for a little bit whilst the prices are high and job security isn’t quite as much of a given photos to follow
  5. Just did a resistance check over the glow plugs and they’re registering about .5 ohms which would suggest there’s nothing wrong with them except the obvious collision issue haha
  6. ill get some photos in a-bit basic info, I rebuilt engine about 8 years ago (it has always ran fine ever since) when it was rebuilt it was bored out and +20 thou pistons fitted, OEM 300tdi spec. piston protrusion height was measured and I ended up fitting a no hole 1.6mm thick gasket. glow plugs were never removed from the head at this time as they had been replaced with the head about 5 years earlier.
  7. Hey, all its been a while, unfortunately have been out of action with a slipped disc but now getting stuck into fixing the truck (its sat with a blown head for 4 months) 😢 I had the coolant blasting out of the back of the head at the bulkhead so have today got the head off and to my surprise absolutley no sign of gasket failure anywhere, gonna be proper miffed if there's a pin hole in the rear blow off plug. Any way, whilst apart I noticed that my pistons have done a lovely job of flattening the end of my glow plugs off and I was wondering is there any way of adjusting the glow plugs so they down stick in quite as far? can follow up with photos if needed. Thanks Tom
  8. i don't seem to have details for the nut for the top of the shaft, but it was a KM shaft lock nut, as below, Probably a KM7 (M35 thread) KM 7 M35 x 1.50 52 44.0 8 5 2.0
  9. Products ------------------------------------------------------ 2 x Timken JL69349310Q Metric Single Row Taper Roller Bearing 38x63x17mm (JL69349/310/Q-TIM) = £35.72 1 x 50x68x8mm Nitrile Rubber Rotary Shaft Oil Seal with Garter Spring R21 / SC (50x68x8_SC) = £3.00 at the Top of the Bearing cylinder i used an Ifor Williams Hub Cap (note: it was a bit too tight so the hole could do with opening up an extra mm) https://www.barlowtrailers.co.uk/product/ifor-williams-hub-cap-grey-76mm-p1258?gclid=Cj0KCQiAyJOBBhDCARIsAJG2h5ffcDe17YqmKHTpb2-Abs4hT3B9t0Rke-k6Fb4jqWHh828z4ht_maAaAlKpEALw_wcB
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