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4 bolt power steering into a defender

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The power steering box in my 110 has started to leak which has a six bolt and i was wondering if the four bolt in the discovery 1 im just about to break will fit .

I have limited workspace and no garage to do any fabricating so am hopeing it,ll all just bolt in and screww together.....

the box will come from a k reg tdi discovery and go into a defender 110 e reg which used to be a td but is now a tdi...

many thanks stu..

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im not too sure about the fabrication bit but i know id stick to a 6 bolt box as i have a 4 bolt and have just had to replace mine and i seriously struggled to get one and at a decent price yet i cud get 6bolt boxes at a really cheap price and cud get nxt day delivery on them i was quoted 4months for a 4bolt box from most motor factors :ph34r:

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